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Bethlehem AWU is a Non-Profit Charitable, Social and Cultural Society, founded in 1947 in Bethlehem. Its first mission was to support needy Palestinian Women by providing them jobs  that enable them to have a decent life.

Bethlehem Arab Women's Union offers the following:
• Promotion and support of local handicrafts.
• Promotion and support of Palestinian Folklore and Culinary tradition.
• Offering help to needy women and children.

Administrative Board of Bethlehem Arab Women`s Union

Virginia Canawati                                       Diana Elias
President                                                   Vice Chair-Person

Lamees Al-mu`ti                                         Majida Abu –Rdeneh
Secretary                                                   Treasurer

Nihaya Feidi                                               Fifi Harami
Member                                                     Member

Elsie Handal                                               Rosette Mickel
Member                                                     Member

Hala Khader                                               Rita Hazboun
Member                                                     Member

Ghada Dabdoub                                        Marlen Tabash
Member                                                     Member

Suzi Nasser


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