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Charitable Activities


The society has given scholarships to University Students for 28 years. It has helped women maintain families together after their husbands were denied work. For 30 years, the society has been organizing parties for orphans, offering clothes, toys, sweets and a sense of joy. For years it has offered pullovers to Palestinian prisoners and is feeding school children on a daily basis.

Nutritional Project


BAWU is offering a daily nutritious hot meal to kindergarten children in Bethlehem. 70% of The children are undernourished. Without the generous assistance from the Bethlehem emigrants overseas and a few foreign organizations and individuals, the society would not have been able to provide those meals.

Fund-Raising Activities


The ladies at the society organize several fund raising activities for the benefit of the society including: lotteries, lunch and bingo games. But local citizens barely have enough money to maintain their own families. Those activities are in decline.

Traditional Cooking Activities


This project was founded to preserve the traditional cooking, make use of the agricultural products, and rehabilitate women to become part of the community by earning part of the family's income.

Social Activities


• Participation in the olive picking festival during which olive oil based products are sold.
• Participation in the Christmas Bazaar during which embroidery is sold
• Participation in several lectures, discussion panels and peaceful protests.
• In collaboration with Bethlehem’s Academy of Music, the society organizes shows and lectures on different cultural topics.


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