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The Embroidery Center started in 1968, and is located in the Old City of Bethlehem, a short-walk from the Church of Nativity.

The aim of this project was:

  • To provide work for the needy women.
  • To preserve the traditional Embroidery, which is part of our Culture and Heritage, for all the Embroidery is copied from the Traditional Palestinian Dresses.


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This Center is located in the same building of the Popular Art Museum. There, after the women are trained, they are given to do the work in their homes. This gives the opportunity for these women to do the work at home, in their leisure time and gives them enough time to take care of their home and children. When the work is done, they come back to the Center and are paid for what was achieved and again are given more work to do. We have one hundred women who come from the villages of Zatara, Tiquoa, Abu Njeim and Dar Salah.

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As for the finishing, washing, ironing, pricing, this is all done in the Center, where we have other employees, preparing and finishing these pieces of embroidery for the market.

The embroidery is sold in the Gift-Shop of the Center, or on exhibitions which the Society makes; we also take part in other Exhibitions in different towns and cities.


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