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What people are saying

Check out the ladies of the embroidery guild — they also have the best embroidery around, created by women whose livelihoods are greatly helped by your purchase. The women are real personalities, and if you can find a friend or guide who speaks Arabic, all the better. They also take orders, so if you want to choose from their beautiful traditional designs, or bring in a Gustav Klimt image, they can stitch it up for you and get it to you wherever you are.

Anne Marie

London, United Kingdom

In this place you will experience how Bethlehemites lived during old times. The palestinian embroideries there are pretty nice, and hand made by local women.. would encourage you to go there if you are visiting Bethlehem as a solo traveler or with a small group.

Nadeen H

Bethlehem, Palestinian Territories

We only decided to visit the museum because we had a little more time than expected after the Church if the Nativity. It was a lucky accident. The reconstruction of the house and salvaging of everyday objects was delightful, and our guide – who had a most acute sense of history and change was excellent.

Charles Brewer

Dorking, UK

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The embroidery sold in the Gift-Shop of the Center, or on exhibitions, which the Society makes; we also take part in other Exhibitions in different towns and cities.

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